RapidFix includes the following products within its range:

  • Dual Adhesive System
    • Dual Adhesive System has reinforcing and gap-filling capabilities, comprising an all-purpose formula that quickly and easily bonds metals, timber, ceramics, plastics, glass, rubber and much more. The Adhesive can be applied alone, or used in conjunction with the Welding Powder as a versatile filler. The Adhesive is a newly-refined super glue – a polymer (cyanoacrylate) – it is a non-toxic, colourless, extremely fast-acting, super-strong formula. The Welding Powder is based on carbon fibre technology, delivering incredible reinforcement when used with RapidFix Adhesive. This powder feels like silk and can be sanded to the smoothest of finishes. The Welding Powder is a complementary formulation that enables even stronger bonds, and can repair holes, cracks, and gaps. For some applications, the Welding Powder can even function like solder or traditional heat welding. Areas treated with RapidFix can be filed, sanded, and painted almost immediately. No top coat filler is needed.
  • UV Liquid Plastic Adhesive
    • The RapidFix UV Liquid Plastic Adhesive allows as much time as needed to position pieces properly. With the UV Liquid Plastic Adhesive you control when the Adhesive hardens by using the special LED Flashlight to shine UV light onto it.  The Adhesive hardens in seconds and dries crystal clear, the high strength bond can be sanded, filed, drilled and painted. The powerful UV LED will last for years and Flashlight uses a standard AA battery (not included).  The RapidFix UV Liquid Plastic Adhesive will make strong repairs on the water, in the woods, or riding the trail, it will fill cracks and seal out moisture. Can be molded into shapes then sanded, filed, drilled, and painted. Save time and money around the house or workshop. Repair glass, plastics, ceramics, jewelry, and more. Perfect for hobbies and crafts. Finally you can make emergency repairs to plastics, glass, metal, fiberglass, and more. Can even be used to insulate low voltage wiring.
  • UV Fiber Patch
    • RapidFixUV Fiber Patch is an easy-to-use UV light/sunlight activated, self-adhesive repair patch. Made of fiberglass reinforced Polyester with extremely good adhesion properties for long-lasting repairs. Fiber Patch is non-flammable, non-toxic, and adhesive is not harmful to skin. Easy to apply. No mixing. No weighing. One Step. No Mess. It can be used for Automotive, Fleet Maintenance, Recreational, Marine Industry, Hardware Retail and Plumbing.
  • Universal Wrap
    • RapidFix Universal Wrap Hardens in 5-10 minutes and fully Cures in 6 hours. The Universal Wrap, non-Flammable and temperature resistant
      (-49ºF to 302ºF / -45ºC to 150ºC) it is also water proof up to 60 psi. Once the wrap is cured, it can be sanded and painted.
  • Heat Wrap
    • RapidFix Heat Wrap hardens in 30 minutes and fully cures in 2.5 hours with heat. It is non-flammable and is heat resistant to 842ºF/450ºC. It is air and water tight and once cured, it can be sanded and painted.


  • Will not dry out in the container
  • High strength adhesive bonds in seconds – no clamping required
  • One drop goes a long way – creates ultra-stong bonds with the tiniest drop
  • Adhesive dries crystal clear
  • Adhesive can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Welding Powder
  • Instantly ready to drill, sand, and paint surface
  • Adheres instantly to virtually anything: metals, rubber, timber, ceramics, leather, stone, fibreglass, glass, and most plastics*
  • Fills cracks, gaps and holes, welds and reinforces joins
  • Reshapes worn or broken parts
  • Resists impact, shock, vibration and temperature extremes
  • Does not shrink and is resistant to water and most common solvents
  • Non-toxic – please read our safety data sheet for more information.

Always use RapidFix in a well-ventilated area. Use with caution as you would with any super glue.